Want efficient forecasting?  Easy forecasting?  
Accurate Forecasting? More successful results? 

We have a solution for you.

Click to go to the Marseli AppExchange page.

Click to go to the Marseli AppExchange page.

Here’s how it works.  

The Marseli Accurate Forecasting solution is an AppExchange application that is 100% native to SFDC and laser focused on forecasting and pipeline management that gives you the SFDC functionality you need to drive forecast rigor and pipeline data quality.  Because technology can’t help you interpret or act on the data, you need someone at your side helping to figure out what the data means and what to do with it.  Someone that is there with you, every step of the way.  That’s why we support our technology with the best sales and marketing advisers in the business.  They know how to quickly teach and mentor your team on how to take your data from unusable to impactful.  This is what differentiates Marseli. 


Companies large and small rely on Marseli.

“Should we spend more money on events, email campaigns or white papers. Marseli helps us determine how to allocate our resources based on evidence of success. It validates what’s working and guides us where we need to go next.”
— Todd Quinn, Big Data Marketer, Cray Labs
This Marseli product is the perfect testament to the saying “When you know, you know better”. This tool gives the entire sales team personalized insight into their revenue trends.

The team behind the product is just as great as the product itself. It is a pleasure working with the Marseli team. They really look at you as a partner and care about helping you with actionable insights.
— Amy Baggett, Sales Strategy and Operations Leader, SIRVA

See how Marseli can help your sales and marketing teams.