Getting along with sales.

Marketing and sales will not always agree.  That’s ok if you have a healthy debate and everyone agrees to a mutual path forward.  However, that is not always the case and frequent disagreements can create a much bigger problem.

Here’s a tip.  Marketing should treat sales like a customer.  Yes, you read that right.  Sales is the recipient of marketing’s demand generation investments.  Listening to the customer is paramount to success.  What if your company did not listen to its customers?  How success would you be?

Take the time to truly listen to their needs.  Interview sales reps and managers to determine how you can improve your level of service.  Then, develop short-term plans to deliver on those needs.  In the cases where sales is blatantly disrespectful to marketing, then you have another issue altogether.  At that point, your CEO will most likely have to step in and correct the issue in order for it to improve.

So, take the first step and treat sales like a customer.  You will be surprised at how much your relationship will improve.