Hello, I'd like to talk to a sales person.

In the recent Marseli 2014 benchmark study of B2B sales and marketing performance, the most successful opportunity source was “inbound phone”.  At an average close rate of 46% (yes, that’s 46 out of 100 close in business), it was by far the top performer.  It was also, however, the lowest in volume of opportunities generated.

Your potential buyers don’t wake up in the morning and just decide to call you.  They found your company and your products through either their own research or they received something form you in the past.  The key is to find out the prospect’s journey to calling you. 

Make sure your inbound team uncovers the attribution – the key actions that prompted the potential buyer to call you.  Duh, that’s a no-brainer.  But you would be shocked at the number of companies that do not gather this information and share it with marketing. Uncovering that path will allow you to build outbound programs to up the inbound volume.   

The moral of this story is to not forget about the phone.  How to get “more of these” should be the question you are asking yourself.  In a world of download this, attend that, watch this marketing, finding out how to get your phone to ring more often should be something you should definitely focus on. 

By the way, the second most successful source was the “contact me” form on your website.  There’s another prospect’s journey that you should know about.  

5 ways sales ops can improve their value to sales.

Value, it’s an interesting word.  Can be interpreted many different ways.  There is one way it is interpreted in the world of B2B marketing – are you helping to make your sales team sell more, faster and do they recognize it?

Value drives respect and longevity.  Respect in terms of you being recognized as an important part of the team.  Longevity with regard to you keeping budgets and jobs when times get tough.

4 ideas to ensure success with sales analytics.

According to a recent article from InformationWeekVague Goals Seed Big Data Failures”, a sure way to fail a Big Data project is not having extremely focused goals. Fifty five percent (55%) of all big data projects fail before they are completed, according to the report, due to a lack of focused data. Additionally, having a focused set of KPI goals for a sales team is just as important as having the right data. Making this mistake could lead to disastrous repercussions to the overall performance of your company.