Accurate Sales Forecasting by Marseli - a native application that gives you true forecasting functionality along with deep performance insights.




Great forecasting requires Marseli – the native forecasting and pipeline management process and analytics application, supported by ongoing coaching and management advisory services. Forecasting technology plus management rigor = forecasting success.

  • Improve organic revenue by 23% in 12 months.

  • Reduce sales cycles by 8.3%.

  • Increase number of reps making quota by 9.3%.

Accurate Forecasting by Marseli is 100% native to SFDC and laser focused on forecasting and pipeline management that gives you the SFDC functionality and analytics you need to drive forecast rigor and pipeline data quality. 

Accurate Sales Forecasting by Marseli is a forecasting platform.  It includes a configurable forecast methodology worksheet where sales reps build, update and report a sales forecast, as well as an intuitive manager summary page that is automatically populated from each sales rep worksheet.  To manage quotas and data accuracy, the solution provides one-click access to quota performance and opportunity data intelligence so managers and sales operations can key in on data integrity challenges.

How does it work?

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What's included in Accurate Forecasting by Marseli?

* A full quota, forecast and commit process platform.
* Advanced forecast and pipeline reporting.
* Data quality reporting, trending and notifications.
* Unique reports that unlock hidden data in SFDC.
* Integrated learning and best practices.
* Marketing waterfall and campaign intelligence.

Forecasting: improving from today to tomorrow.

Accurate Forecasting by Marseli is not a BI application or analytics reporting bolt-on.  There are already plenty of those solutions on the market.  Reporting does not solve forecasting challenges.  Great forecasting requires accurate sales process management and SFDC system functionality that drives a forecast process.  Great forecasting requires an ongoing focus on data accuracy by knowing and improving sales behaviors that degrade data quality.  Great forecasting is not a sprint, but a marathon – requiring constant management and coaching.   That's why Masreli offers a combined solution to include the forecasting platform, data and advisory you need to be successful not just today but also for well into the future.