Scott Risseeuw
Vice President of Sales

Scott is a software growth leader.  His experience as a start-up, build-out, and turnaround veteran with deep operational sales and marketing expertise is helping to drive Marseli as the leading forecasting software and services company for users. Having led multiple high performing sales teams, he has built and/or helped build several companies including growing AppAssure (Backup and DR) from $8m to $20m in less than one year, culminating in the sale of the company to Dell for $220m.  

Scott hires and builds great sales teams who focus on the customer and get results.  His ability to step into a company and rapidly identify, then fix the sales people, processes, pitch, culture, and velocity/volume allows him to deliver results within 30 days. His love of driving new business and growing companies by building high-performing lead/demand-gen opportunity engines is his passion.

Scott runs a very metrics-driven sales operation at Marseli and loves what the Marseli application can do for fellow VPs of Sales and sales operations leaders.  When Scott is not selling, he’s ether spending time with his family or out fishing.  If you ask him about fishing, be careful, as he will start telling stories about “I once caught a fish this big.”