Torsten Weirich

As Chief Technology Officer at Marseli, Torsten is responsible for software product strategy and all aspects of development.  He is leading the development of Marseli Insight - the sales and marketing analytics integration application for  
Torsten is also the vision behind the creation of Cloud App Foundry.  Torsten is a technology strategist and recognized leader in software development who excels at bringing products to market in both start-up and large corporate environments.  Author of numerous white papers on solving key business management problems including strategic planning, Torsten has been a key speaker on several panels, and is a frequent presenter on Agile best practices.  In addition, he provides cloud, mobile, data warehousing and software process strategy for a variety of businesses and software start-ups.  Focused on delivering value at the speed of business, Torsten leverages rapid delivery systems such as and the Android mobile platform.

Torsten has a proven history as a trailblazer in the software industry.  Prior to creating the Cloud App Foundry, Torsten served as CTO & Executive VP for Product Development at Acorn Systems Inc., a provider of profitability and cost management software.   Responsible for product strategy and all aspects of product development, Torsten was responsible for bringing Acorn’s industry leading Profitability and Cost Management products to market, including Acorn’s Performance Analyzer which is the most scalable profitability analytics solution that exists today.  

At BMC Software, Torsten was the technical lead for the Technology Incubator, an elite group of technical contributors responsible for identifying new business opportunities for BMC Software, focusing primarily on application management problems that arose from the dramatic expansion of the internet in the late 1990’s.  The team developed prototypes, wrote business plans for numerous product lines and provided technical due diligence on key technology acquisitions made by BMC.

Torsten is a graduate of Middlebury College and is active in fundraising efforts for the LIVESTRONG program.